Friday, 27 December 2013

Stay in Haridwar in Immensely Comfortable Hotels

Connect with your inner self in an ambience of immense comfort and care, in serene and scenic surroundings, when you stay in Haridwar.   Living in hotels with ample suitable amenities for the modern day traveller, delicious vegetarian fare and holistic yoga and health facilities to restore your equilibrium, this is a winning solution for everyone!   To face the complexities of the modern world with aplomb!

Situated on the banks of the river Ganga, a hotel in Haridwar offers the devout and the discerning, the comforts of home in spacious and aesthetically furnished rooms and a calming of the mind, through the nurturing of the soul!   Your stay in Haridwar, in rooms which have retained their royal ambience and are decorated with antique arabesque, regal beds made of stone, matching upholstery , promises to be an immensely comfortable one.  Equipped with all modern amenities, including air conditioning, running hot and cold water, televisions, telephones etc, which were provided without disturbing the original look of the rooms, this Hotel in Haridwar is ideal for a stay!

With holistic Ayurvedic massages and the practice of yoga, breathing in the deeply purified air, restoring your mind/body nexus and rejuvenating you, you are sure to get a new lease on life. The elaborate rituals of yoga when you Stay in Haridwar, stem from Hatha yoga and are artfully adapted to individual needs, helping you to achieve aims, goals and objectives effortlessly!


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