Saturday, 4 October 2014

Haridwar: an eternal life of the infinite realm

Ganges, a holy river connecting the corporeal and ethereal realms. Where on one hand, hundreds and thousands thrive, going about their day to day life on its banks. Praying for prosperity, calling upon the deities to bless their kin as they embark upon a new journey called life. And on the other hand, death soliciting its last rites, posing as doorway leading to the eternal light, along the Ghats of the same river.

This mystical land we call ‘Haridwar’ literally means “the gateway to lord Shiva”. Shiva, a state of mind, a state of attainment, a passage to what we call divine, is what this land has to offer.

If you are seeking to fulfil a spiritual journey the Haridwar is definitely one of the Best Places to See.

The emerald green hues of the Ganges have a lot to offer, sometimes fiercely cutting its way through the rocks, sometimes gently caressing the sandy river bed, reminiscent of life as we know it.

There are many Hotels in Haridwar near the Ganga river, to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Haveli Hari Ganga is a luxurious haven, with lavishly furnished apartments. The property was built in 1913 and has special packages which offer a private Ghat facility. And if you are one of those who experience joy of simple things in life, there are numerous Dharamshala’s that offer modest rooms at cheap prices.


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